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Join us on December 7th and experience the thrills, spills, and adrenaline of Champions Flair Crash!


We are thrilled to organize and host the 21th edition of one of the oldest, coolest, most renowned international flair-bartending competition in the world and we are more than happy to invite you over for a night of excitement, entertainment, artfully prepared cocktails, and breathtaking bottle flipping.


We've come a long way together, since the first edition, we've witnessed a clear-cut evolution of this sport and we are more than confident that this year's spectacle will not cease to amaze us and leave us speechless all over again!

13:00 Start qualification round
18:00 Finalists announcement
20:00 Champions Flair Crash Final
20:05 Finalists from 10th to 6th
21:15 Finalists from 5th to 1st
22:30 Award Ceremony

The garden
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Wagyu Burger


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